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28-02-2019 Licence transfer Part-FCL and Part-66 AML due to Brexit

As a result of the Brexit, pilots and maintenance technicians in the aviation sector can have their licence (issued by the United Kingdom) transferred into a licence issued by an EU member state.

To apply for the licence transfer, you must submit your application to us by 31 January 2020.

Click here for a licence transfer Part-FCL.
Click here for a licence transfer Part-66 AML.

Transfer of your medical file for Part-FCL licence holders

If you wish to apply for a Part-FCL licence transfer, please note that in addition to your licence, your medical file must also be transferred from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands.

Start the SOLI procedure at the Competent Aviation Authority (CAA) in the country where you currently hold your licence.

The SOLI procedure is to transfer your medical records to the Netherlands. Kiwa Register doesn’t take part in this process.

The medical department of the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) are tasked with this part of the transfer.