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Recognition of a certificate of competence and/or certificate of proficiency for service on tankers

A recognition of a certificate of competence and/or a certificate of proficiency for serving on tankers is issued to officers who have a valid STCW "Certificate of Competence" and/or "Certificate of Proficiency", issued by an EU country or another country with which the Netherlands has entered into a treaty (undertaking in accordance with STCW I/10). 

Regulations require that a seafarer on board a ship sailing under the Dutch flag is in possession of a Dutch recognition of the national Certificate of Competence and/or Certificate of Proficiency. Which means that a foreign seafarer with a foreign Certificate of Competence and/or Certificate of Proficiency can submit an application for a Dutch recognition.

What do I need?

An application for a Dutch recognition can only be submitted via the Kiwa Register application portal. In the portal, you can also view the status of your request:

  • This portal does not work on mobile devices, so use a PC or laptop;
  • Already have an account? Then go to;
  • Do you not yet have an account and are you registered in a Dutch municipality?
    • Private Dutch citizen: Read here how to create an account;
    • Company: As a company you can log in via eHerkenning. Read here how to request this and how to log in to the portal;
  • Don't have an account yet and live abroad?

During the application in the portal, you'll have to upload several of supporting documents. It is useful to have these available before you start the application:

Which application would you like to make?


Within 7 to 9 working days after your application has been completed and paid, your Dutch recognition will be sent.


The validity of the Dutch certificate of recognition is equal to the date of the underlying CoC, radio certificate (GMDSS) or CoP.


The rate for a Dutch recognition is legally determined by the Dutch government in the Regeling tarieven transportsectoren (Dutch) and includes 21% VAT. A Dutch recognition of merchant shipping costs € 171,82. A Dutch recognition fisheries approval costs € 175,45.


You can pay directly online via iDEAL and credit card (MasterCard or VISA). You can also pay via bank transfer after receiving your invoice. An application will always only be processed when it is complete and paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find more information via the Frequently Asked Questions.