View application status

If you have submitted an application for a smart tachograph card or a shipping industry product, you can check your status online in the application portal. Click here to login and view the status of your application. The application portal doesn't work on mobile devices, so please use a PC or a laptop.

The application status of other products cannot be viewed online yet. Our customer service is also unable to inform you about this.

In the table below you will see the status as displayed in the application portal and what it means. 

Status in the application portal Meaning
Closed The application has been closed.
Rejected The decision has been made and will be sent out.
Intended rejection The letter ‘intention to reject’ has been made and will be sent out. You have two weeks to respond to it.
Objection in process You have filed an objection with the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT). For more information please contact the ILT.
Application will not be considered The decision has been made and will be sent out.
In process Kiwa Register is working on processing the application.
Incomplete and/or unpaid The application is incomplete and/or the invoice has not been paid. If the application is incomplete, you may upload any attachments under ‘My applications'. If you don't see the option to upload the attachments, it means that the invoice has not yet been (fully) paid.
Approved Your product will be produced and sent out. If you requested a digital tachograph card, you will receive a delivery confirmation.
Waiting for additional information One or more attachments have been rejected. We have sent you a letter requesting additional information.