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Merchant marine

In order to operate safely, the crew of seagoing vessels must have personal documents such as a seaman’s book, a certificate of competence and a certificate of proficiency for service on tankers stating the function and/or authority to be performed. The certificate of competence and the certificate of proficiency shall be issued when the requirements of training, experience and physical fitness are met.

The merchant marine has to deal with international, European and national regulations in which the ship law is central. This applies to all seagoing vessels under the Dutch flag and focuses, among other things, on the safety of the crew. Merchant marine regulations focus on the safety of the ship and crew. This concerns, among other things, sailing and rest periods.

Express Service

When applying you can opt for our Express Service. The requested product will be issued no later than on the second business day after we receive your correctly completed application form and payment. In addition to the rate for the product, it is € 130.68 per requested Express Service (including 21% VAT and shipping by regular mail). Read all about this service on the Express Service shipping page.


The rates in the table below have been legally determined by the Dutch government in the Regeling tarieven transportsectoren (Dutch) and includes 21% VAT.

 Certificate of Competence rating € 113,74
 Certificate of Competence captain/officer € 170,61
 Seaman's book € 111,32
 Recognition of certificate of competence/certificate of proficiency (STCW) € 171,82
 Recognition of certificate of competence/certificate of proficiency (STCW-F) € 175,45
 Personal dispensation
 € 233,53
 Certificate of Proficiency IGF-code € 175,45
 Certificate of Proficiency ship's cook € 171,82
 Recognition of certificate of proficiency ship's cook € 202,07
 Certificate of Proficiency Polar Code € 175,45
 Certificate of Proficiency for service on tankers  € 171,82
 Recognition of certificate of proficiency for service on tankers € 171,82
 Type rating High-Speed Craft certificate € 171,82
 Certificates execution tasks and awareness ship security (duplicate)
 €   72,60


You can pay directly online via iDEAL and credit card (MasterCard or VISA). You can also pay via bank transfer afterwards after receiving your invoice. An application will always only be processed when it is complete and paid. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find more information via the Frequently Asked Questions.