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International bus licences

Kiwa supplies Dutch nationals with services in the areas of road, air and water transport on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management. Kiwa issues well over 100,000 licences to professionals and to companies. Kiwa has a long history of issuing licences for the public sector. This results in broad knowledge and experience when it comes to (EU) law and regulations, verification of qualifications, production and customer support.

Each bus company that has a community licence (EU Licence) can apply for a cross-border regular transport licence (international line service licence). This application can be made on the basis of EU regulation 1073/2009 by an entrepreneur established in the Netherlands or by an entrepreneur established in the EU.

Why apply for an international bus licence at Kiwa? 

Kiwa is the only commercial licensing authority which issues international bus licences. Because Kiwa is a company and not a government body, we are customer-focused and efficient, meaning that Kiwa delivers licences in half the time on average compared to other licensing authorities. Kiwa also provides full transparency and communication through a dedicated account manager.

How to apply?

You can apply for an EU application by filling out an application form International regular coach service. For UK applications, you should use the application form International regular coach service UK. Send your completed application form to, please ensure the following documents are enclosed with the application:

  • copy of a valid community licence from the carrier;
  • a timetable;
  • a timetable and the driving and resting schedule for drivers;
  • list of stopping points;
  • fare rates overview;
  • a map to scale;
  • copy of a valid community licence from the subcontractors and partners of the intended line.

What happens after applying? 

The application will be processed immediately after the applicant has submitted all the documents and the invoice has been paid in full. After the submitted documents have been assessed and approved by Kiwa, the request for advice (approval or consent) is sent to all licensing authorities of the transit countries of the requested service (for example for a regular service Amsterdam-Madrid to Belgium, France, Spain). The approval for the Netherlands will be handled by Kiwa. In order to deliver the licence as soon as possible the licence will be drafted directly after receiving approvals from all the EU countries. The applicant must receive a decision on their application within 10 weeks after the application has been completed.

More information

Companies that have an interest in or questions about the application of international bus licences can contact us through the contact form.