Part-66 AML aircraft maintenance technicians


Are documents of licence transfers also verified?

Licence transfers from another EASA Member State are processed without verification. It is necessary that all essential documents are handed over before Kiwa can issue the Part-66 AML. Note that since the 1st of January it is not possible anymore to transfer a licence from the UK. In that case, the application is processed as if it were an initial issue, just like all other applications from countries that are not an EASA Member State.

How is the verification of the required documents applied?

The applicant has to fill out email addresses of the sources on the application form. These contact data are used for the verification of the basic experience and education. It’s necessary that these addresses are actual and correct. If Kiwa has not received a reply within 4 weeks, the sources will receive an reminder by e-mail with the request to reply within 2 weeks. During the application the applicant has the opportunity to contact the sources for the status of Kiwa’s verification request. If Kiwa has not received a confirmation after 6 weeks the application will be rejected.

Why don’t I receive a refund if my application is rejected?

The applicant pays not only for the licence, but also for processing the application. The moment that Kiwa receives the application, the process starts and people put time and effort in it.

Why is an application rejected if Kiwa did not receive a reply from the verification source?

In the EASA regulation 66.100.B in Annex III to Decision 2015/029/R ( is written that the Competent Authority should check if the applicant meets all mentioned criteria. We do this by verifying the documents with the source. If we do not receive a reply, we cannot determine whether the documents are authentic and therefore it is impossible to determine whether the applicant meets the requirements. 6 Weeks after sending the verification, Kiwa sends the applicant a letter with the intent to reject so that the applicant has the opportunity to complete the verification. If we do not receive this within 4 weeks, we have to decline the application.

Why is Kiwa revising the application process for initial issues of Part-66 AML’s?

Because of the growing number of applications that Kiwa receives from people in countries that are not an EASA Member State, we found it necessary to verify certain documents with the source. Only then Kiwa can determine whether the applicant meets all requirements and we can issue the Part-66 AML. Kiwa wants to be absolutely sure that an AML licenceholder is entitled to possess a Part-66.

Why is there a distinction between applications with documents from an EASA Member State and applications with documents from non-Member States?

Because Part-145 companies and Part-147 organisations that are located in EASA Member States are under the supervision of colleague CA’s in Europe, so that Kiwa is certain about the quality of these organisations. In countries that are not an EASA Member State, it is not clear if there is supervision and who is supervising the organsation. Due to the increasing number of alarming notifications about fraud Kiwa finds it necessary to verify the documents with the source. Only then we can maintain the high quality that we aim for in our services.

Why is there a temporary stop at Kiwa of issuing Part-66 applications from non-Member States?

The revised process also resulted in a larger workload and longer processing time. This has caused a severe backlog of applications that we are working hard on to solve. But until then we have decided to temporarily stop the applications that need this new process.