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Part-FCL Licence for pilots

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To fly as a pilot, you must be the holder of a proficiency check and be medically fit. You can request a proficiency check as a private pilot for making non-commercial flights, or as a commercial pilot for making commercial flights. In addition to your basic proficiency check, you can also obtain general or special ratings if you satisfy the applicable conditions.

A distinction is made between type of aircraft. Therefore, in order to make the right request, first make a choice for aeroplane, helicopter or hot air balloon.

Note: Read more about the longer lead time for the handling of applications.

Additional services

Via the contact form, you can request an overview of theoretical exams attained or a licence statement (no accident/accident report). The cost for each of these services is € 72.60 incl. VAT. In the contact form, describe your application as clearly and comprehensively as possible. You will then receive an invoice. When we receive the payment, we will supply the requested service.


The rates in the table below have been legally determined by the Dutch governement in the Regeling tarieven transportsectoren (Dutch) and includes 21% VAT.

 First issue of a ATPL, CPL or MPL € 798,60
 First issue of a PPL, BPL, LAPL or RPL € 768,35
 An issue, revalidation or renewal of an instructor certificate € 206,91
 An issue, revalidation or renewal of a rating € 160,93
 Application for an issue and/or a revalidation of RT privileges and/or LPE endorsement €   83,49
 Application for a re-issue of a licence  €   93,17
 Application for a validation or conversion
 €   93,17
 Verification request €   77,44
 A request for documents stored by Kiwa Register €   77,44

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find more information about applying for pilot licences via the Frequently Asked Questions.