About us

Kiwa Register is committed to efficiently processing applications for formal permits and legal licences in the transportation sector. Every year, Kiwa issues more than 100,000 permits and licences on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to natural persons and companies in aviation, maritime shipping, inland water transportation and passenger and cargo road transportation. Kiwa Register is part of Kiwa N.V., an international company in testing, inspections and certifications (TIC).

Kiwa Register emerged in 2010 when the largest department within the Transport & Water Management Inspectorate (now the Human Environment & Transport Inspectorate), which was responsible for licence issuing, began to outsource its activities. Since the outsourcing, Kiwa Register has been able to improve its licence issuing services each year: delivery times for all licences and permits have been reduced, while costs for users have decreased since 2010.

Reduce the burden of government agencies in licence issuing

Kiwa offers governments the opportunity to outsource some or all of their licence issuing activities to Kiwa Register. Kiwa has invested significantly in staff training, new company procedures and automation, so we can guarantee quality outcomes at much lower fees for our society. In essence Kiwa Register offers the following services: 
  • Customer contact. Kiwa informs the applicant and provides support throughout the entire application process.
  • Application. Kiwa facilitates the application, receives the required information and documents, and charges the applicant for the licence fees.
  • Authentication. Kiwa confirms the identity of the applicant.
  • Verification. Kiwa verifies if the applicant is eligible for the licence based on the submitted information and qualifications.
  • Delivery. Kiwa delivers the physical or electronic proof of permit to the applicant.
  • Informatin service. Upon request, Kiwa provides information to the competent authorities.

Through the use of proven methods and technologies, Kiwa is able to annually improve the quality of its services and reduce its operating costs. Kiwa is pleased to share its knowledge and know-how with governments who don't have the in-house expertise or capacity to achieve such improvements.

Kiwa Register is under the supervision of government and the private sector

Kiwa received a legal mandate from the Dutch House of Representatives to conduct its activities on behalf of the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management. The Auditor General has appointed Kiwa Register as a ‘legal entity with a legal task’ (in Dutch: rwt). In addition, Kiwa has been appointed as the competent authority in the Netherlands to issue a series of aviation permits and licences.

Thanks to oversight by the government and corporate sector, Kiwa is able to provide its clients and end users transparency as an independent and reliable organisation that delivers quality services.

  • Public governments. As part of its work on behalf of the government, Kiwa Register is regularly audited by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate and by the European organisations EASA (aviation) and EMSA (shipping). 
  • Private oversight. Kiwa Register is certified for PKI government (security and additional requirements resolution Electronic Signatures), ETSI norms 319-401, 319-411-1 en 319-411-2 regarding electronic signature emission and data protection and ISO 9001. Kiwa Register is audited every year by the British Standards Institution. Kiwa Nederland B.V. is ISO 27001 accredited.

Quality policy 

Kiwa Register is dedicated to delivering quality services. 

  • Kiwa Register is committed to complying with all requirements of the quality management system and the ongoing improvement of the effectiveness in line with the strategic objectives. 
  • The quality objectives are defined every year and described in the Management review report. 
  • Kiwa Register has embedded its quality focus and actions in its quality management system. 
  • Kiwa's quality system is based on the international ISO 9001:2015 norm.  
  • An important principle of this norm is the use of the Deming circle. Everything we do includes the Plan, Do, Check and Act cycle, to annually improve the quality of our services and reduce our operational costs. 

Contact information for public customers

Governments interested in outsourcing their licence issuing activities or that wish to improve their licence issuing activities may contact: Paul.Ras@kiwa.nl.

Kiwa Licensing

Kiwa Licensing grants licences to governments and organisations outside of the Netherlands. For more information, please go to www.kiwalicensing.com