Express Service aviation

Kiwa Register's Express Service Aviation will prioritise your application for an aviation document. The service currently includes all products for flight crew, based on national legislation and regulations, Part FCL and Part 66 AML. Express Service cannot be used for a first-time issuance, a licence transfer, an expansion of a category and type rating which requires OJT (on the job training) confirmation.

If you apply for an aviation product via our Express Service, the requested product will be issued no later than three days after we have received your correctly completed application and payment. Your application will also be personally processed by an Express Service team member. See here for more information about Express Service.

Express Service Part-FCL only possible in case of special circumstances

Due to the high number of pending applications, the Express Service Part-FCL is only available in case there is a necessity to urgently issue a certificate or license because of your work. In that case you can send an e-mail with a clarification of the urgency to Kiwa will then assess whether your application qualifies for expedited processing or not. Other Express Service requests will not be processed and will be added to the regular request process.


In addition to the product fee, you will pay an additional 25% of the product fee for each Express Service request, with a minimum of € 130,68 (including 21% VAT and delivery by regular mail). If you cancel your application or your application is rejected, the Express Service fees will not be reimbursed.


The use of Express Service is subject to a number of conditions:

  • The application for both the product and the Express Service have to be correctly submitted via the indicated application form. When applying for your product, you can indicate on the form that you wish to use the Express Service. The completed form can be submitted via email to (, by mail or dropped off at the Kiwa Register service counter (Rijswijk). If your application requires submitting original documents, you will have to send these by mail or personally drop these off at our service counter.
  • The product application is accompanied by all the requested attachments*. These must be correct and valid.
  • The Express Service starts after we have received your payment for both the product and the Express Service. You can pay via a transfer (payment is received when we confirm that the transfer has been credited to our account).
* For more information about the products and the requested attachments, please see the application form and go to this website.

Please note!

Keep in mind that it may take longer to process your application because we have to verify your medical exam. In case of a conversion of an ICAO licence into an EASA licence we also have to verify your ICAO licence.