Application for a pilot licence for aeroplanes (A) or helicopters (H) and balloons (B)

Before you start the application process

Use this form to apply for:

  • the first issue of a pilot licence or a class/type rating;
  • revalidation of a (class/type) rating;
  • renewal of a (class/type) rating;
  • extension of a (class/type) rating;
  • re-issue of a licence document (in case of loss/stolen or if the document has no longer any space for revalidations/renewals).

This form consists of several steps. During the application process you will be requested to upload required documents. A copy of your medical certificate is obligatory for every application. Please note: you should provide each document separately and give each document a unique filename.

The Express Service can be applied for all pilot licences. A fee will be charged for the Express Service. Click here for the terms, conditions and rates.

A fixed fee will be charged for processing your application. Click here for the rates. After submitting the application, you will receive an invoice.

Your application will be processed if it's correctly submitted and paid in full.

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