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Note: Express Service for Part-FCL is temporarily not available, read more.

Part-FCL Licence Proficiency check or Refresher training for pilots of balloons, helicopters and aircraft

You can renew a rating whose validity is about to expire by 1 year by carrying out a proficiency check or refresher training.

If the new expiry date of your rating is not signed on the reverse side of your licence by your examiner, an application for the renewal of the rating is required. You can find Information about this on the page for helicopters or aircraft.

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Application and delivery

If the renewal of your rating has been signed off on the back of your licence document by an authorised instructor/examiner, no new licence document will be sent. Confirmation of registration will not be sent to you. If documents are missing, then, of course, we will contact you, the examiner and/or the training organisation. If you wish to apply for a new licence document, then, of course, you can send the application.

Express Service

An Express Service is not available for this product.


You extend/renew the rating for 1 or 2 years by means of a proficiency check or refresher training. The new expiry date can be stated on the rear of your licence document by a qualified instructor/examiner.


If you are on this web page, it is assumed that the rating is stated by a qualified instructor/examiner. There are no costs for processing the proficiency check/refresher training.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find more information about applying for pilot licences via the Frequently Asked Questions.