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Part-66 AML Licence Verification for aircraft maintenance technicians

A Part 66 AML verification is an official document in which it is stated by Kiwa Register that an aircraft maintenance technician is actually in possession of a valid Part 66 AML plus any type ratings. This document is usually requested by a Part 66 AML holder, employer, or Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA).

What do I need?

If you submit a verification request to Kiwa Register, you must email the following details of the Part-66 AML holder to

  • Name
  • Licence number
  • Billing address


Once we have received your payment the verification letter will be sent to you by email as a PDF file within 5 business days. The verification letter is written in English.


The rate for this service is determined by the Dutch government in the Regeling tarieven transportsectoren (Dutch). A verification application for a licence for aircraft maintenance technicians costs € 219.01 (incl. VAT).
Please note: this rate also applies when the application for verification is submitted by a CAA.


After your application has been received by Kiwa Register, you will receive a payment request. This must be paid no later than four weeks after the date. The invoice is sent with the decision. If your employer pays the costs for the application, you can indicate this during the application. If you cancel the application or if your application is rejected, there will be no refund of the costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

More information about applying for a licence for aircraft maintenance technicians can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.