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Part-66 AML Licence Transfer aircraft maintenance technicians

An aircraft technician must have an EASA Part 66 AML qualification. By means of a licence transfer, aircraft maintenance technicians can transfer a Part 66 AML from the Netherlands to another EASA member state or from another EASA member state to the Netherlands.

Part-66 AML licence transfer from Greece

Due to an investigation from the local authorities it is currently not possible to transfer Part-66 AML licences from Greece to The Netherlands until further notice.

What do I need?

A licence transfer is possible between countries that are members of the EASA. An overview of these countries can be found on the EASA website. Additional application requirements can be found via the application help below.

Choose what you would like to do and find out what is required for an application


Application and delivery

Once your application for a license transfer from the Netherlands to another EASA member state is complete and paid, it will take approximately 25 business days to process your application.

When you have applied for a licence transfer application from an EASA member state to the Netherlands, it can take an average of 3 months to process. This is because we depend on the relevant Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that has to transfer your file.

Only after a successful transfer of your licence to the Netherlands it is possible to amend your Part-66 AML with a new category or type rating. This however will require a new application. Combined applications will not be processed. 


The rate for this service is determined by the Dutch government in the Regeling tarieven transportsectoren (Dutch). A licence transfer for aircraft maintenance technicians from the Netherlands to a foreign country and from a foreign country to the Netherlands in both cases costs € 219.01 (incl. VAT).


After your application has been received by Kiwa Register, you will receive a payment request. This must be paid no later than four weeks after the date. The invoice is sent with the decision and Part-66 AML if the license is replaced and issued by another Member State. If your employer pays the costs for the application, you can indicate this during the application. If you cancel the application or if your application is rejected, there will be no refund of the costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

More information about applying for a licence for aircraft maintenance technicians can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.