Note: Read more about the longer lead time for the handling of applications

Handling of a Part-66 AML Licence application and delivery

Kiwa Register provides EASA Part 66 AML and other aircraft licenses. Below we have listed for you how applying for these authorisations works.

  1. Apply for a licence via the Part-66 AML Licence for aircraft maintenance technicians page.
  2. Kiwa receives your online application. You'll receive a confirmation in your e-mail.
  3. You application will be processed as soon as possible. You will receive a payment request and possibly the request to provide additional information by e-mail.
  4. After you have paid and you have correctly submitted the required documents/data (if applicable), your application will be processed further. Kiwa Register checks again whether you have submitted all necessary documents/data correctly. A decision will be made on your application within 15 working days.
  5. The decision will be sent to you by post or e-mail after that:
    1. Positive: Both the decision and the permit will be sent by post if you have provided a Dutch address.
    2. Positive: Both the decision and the permit will be sent by courier if you have provided a foreign address. You will receive a confirmation email from the courier that your decision has been sent.
    3. Negative: You will receive the decision by email.