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Note: Read more about the longer lead time for the handling of applications

Part-66 AML licence holder who wants to request a UK licence

License holder after transfer from the UK

Please be aware that if you had your license transferred from the UK to The Netherlands in the past five years, the CAA UK still has your complete file archived. It is required according to the regulations that the CAA keeps the file for five years after a file is transferred. Therefore it is not necessary to ask Kiwa Register to share the file. This is confirmed by and agreed upon by the CAA UK. In this case you only need to request a verification letter from Kiwa Register. You'll find the application form on this page.

License holder who did not have a UK license before

In order to receive a UK license based on the Part-66 AML it is necessary that the CAA UK receives a verification letter. The costs for this are € 188,76 (incl. VAT) as determined by Dutch legislation. The CAA UK also requests that your complete file is shared with them. In order to be able to do this, Kiwa Register asks the license holder to give permission to do so and will charge another € 188,76 (incl. VAT) for the handling costs. In case you want to apply for a UK license under the temporary exemption of the UK, please fill in the application form provided on this page. After receiving the signed form we will send you the invoice of the service(s) you would like to receive. When we receive the payment, you will receive the verification letter and we will inform the CAA UK.