Part-FCL and the Brexit

Frequently asked questions about the Part-FCL for pilots.

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Somebody would like to apply for a conversion of his UK licence. The applicant has completed the theoretical knowledge in The Netherlands and had a Dutch licence which has been transferred to UK. Can Kiwa based on this theory issue a conversion?

Yes, because according to the regulations it concerns only UK theoretical knowledge. The theory has a validity period conform FCL.025.
The theory of an ATPL licence will remain valid for a period of 7 years from the last validity date of an IR entered in the licence.
For all other licences it is necessary to obtain the theory again if the validity period, as described in FCL.025, is due. It depends on the application which theory should be obtained.

Somebody sends a request for initial issue/conversion. The applicant obtained his theoretical certificate in the UK before the 1st of January 2021. Can Kiwa accept the theory?

Yes, the UK theory results, completed before 01-01-2021 will be accepted for issuing licences and IR.

If a Dutch student PPL obtains his complete Part-FCL theory in 2021 in the UK, is this then still legally valid for an application for an initial issue Part-FCL PPL, as it was before the Brexit?

No, the UK theory is not valid anymore in The Netherlands.

Can a person who has a Dutch licence add a type rating that is on his/her UK licence?

Yes, the procedures for acceptance and conversion are applicable for accepting the UK licence/ratings as of 01-01-2021.

Can Kiwa accept e.g. a LPE 6 certificate that was obtained under the JAR (Joint Aviation Requirements) FCL?

In this specific case the LPE-certificate can only be accepted if the application was send before 01-01-2021.

Can Kiwa accept certificates that are issued before 01-01-2021 by an approved UK educational institute (before acknowledged by EASA)?

No, certificates for a licence or rating that are issued by an approved training organisation for which the applicant has applied for the licence or rating after 31-12-2021 cannot be accepted by EASA Member States.

Can Kiwa accept UK medicals that are included in the applications (not being UK licence transfers) and send after 01-01-2021? If so, are there any criteria attached?

If the UK medical is issued before 01-01-2021, it will remain valid during the validity period of the class.